Testimonies from Wise Wolf Women’s Council at Isis Cove in Western North Carolina

“Mari is a gifted facilitator who provided a safe and compassionate container for transformative work.  The pwoer of reclaiming respect for your yoni and your innate divine sexuality is both healing and celebratory.”

Robyn Murphy, 51- mother, high school drama teacher
“The yoni dancing was a beautiful healing experience.  I realized I still held negative energy around experience of being raped by my father as a young girl, anger at my mother for not protecting me AND around negative experiences with 2 ex-husbands AND was able to release that through the workshop time.  I also realized my recent amazingly positive experience with THE LOVE OF MY LIFE  had helped me heal. And I was also able to release the grief and sadness I’ve experienced the last 8 months since he transitioned out of his physical body.”


“Mirror work was a powerful experience, not entirely comfortable.  I felt very safe and I’m very glad I participated but it made me feel nauseous and awful. I’m happy to connect with that creative part of myself and look forward to having a more loving relationship with myself.”


“Greetings!! My experience with the Yoni Workshop was so inspiring. I have a new awareness around my womb. I too have had a tantra sexual healing treatment. I highly recommend all the siSTARS to experience this new awakening. Ase”

Yvonne Weaver

“The Yoni Project is a powerful movement celebrating the strength and beauty women often hide or overlook.  This experience taught me the importance of knowing and holding my truth.”

Aisha A.

“My name is Joyce Dixon. My experience with the workshop was a lifetime knowledge.  It helped me to really understand the true importance of the yoni, it is not just a yoni, it is a temple, and the only things that enter is love.  I truly pray this teaching gets out to other ladies, girls, and women, to understand that precious and divine yoni.  This really woke mine’s up!! I am 69. Thanks so much.”

Joyce Dixon


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