I want to share some words and speak directly  to the  folks here who don’t see themselves as victims/survivors of sexual violence, but know that something bad happened or are carrying heaviness from their past sexual experiences.  I don’t know you yet, but I am proud of you for investing in your wellness.  Healing is a way of life and the first small steps are important ones.  Don’t dismiss them. Be patient. Be faithful. Be well.


New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NYSCASA) is a great resource for locating direct services for sexual violence throughout New York State.  It has the list of rape crisis centers, hotline numbers, and various community events/info.  For more info plug into: http://nyscasa.org/

Here are several hotline numbers for the NYC area, though the website lists more for each borough:

Bronx: 800-862-2637

Brooklyn:  800-621-4673

Queens: 800-621-4673

Manhattan: 212-420-5632


Woman Organized Against Rape (WOAR) is a non-profit organization and the only rape crisis center in Philadelphia.  They offer free counseling services to individuals who have experienced sexual violence and also have a 24 hour hotline: 215-985-3333.  For more information about where they are located and their services plug into: http://www.woar.org/


Based in Philadelphia, PA, this wellness center  offers comprehensive services using Easter medicine and other wholistic approaches to wellness.  Located in South Philly, this is a welcoming sanctuary that offers art therapy, yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, and Chinese traditional medicine.  For more information plug into: http://www.artofwellnesscenter.com/


Located in the Northeast section of the Bronx, Bronx Community Wellness Center also has a trustworthy staff that offers yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy at an affordable cost.  They also offer herbal consultations and other holistic approaches for wellness.  For more information plug into: http://bronxcommunitywellness.com/Services.html


Just when you thought you left behind books with pictures inside, Sark gives you the most candid and colorful book you might ever experience.  Far from a prescriptive self-help book, Sark keeps you laughing and honest as she shares her questions and discoveries as a childhood sexual abuse survivor, and her  never ending healing journey.


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