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About Mari Morales-Williams

Originally from East Harlem, Mari was raised in the Bronx, New York, and currently splits her time between New York and Philly. She has worked as a community based educator for the past ten years, working closely with inner city youth between 11-18. She has a masters in Urban Education and is currently working on a doctoral dissertation on youth sexuality, agency, and identity. As a woman who is a survivor of sexual violence, she has dedicated her life to creating safe spaces for girls and women to recognize trauma, invest in healing, and access empowerment. She credits a large part of her healing process to the personal work she has done with her yoni. Hence, The Yoni Project...

Welcome to Healing Activism

The Yoni Project is an innovative workshop series that uses the healing creative arts (creative writing, mixed media arts, movement) to create a safe space for young girls and women to connect with their bodies. The focus of the workshop is to create a holistically healthy relationship with their bodies, particularly one of the least talked about parts: the vagina. The Yoni Project uses the word yoni instead of vagina, since its rich Sanskrit-meaning, “origin of life,” recognizes the spiritually healing and empowering components of the vagina.
The facilitator acknowledges the various degrees of this trauma and discomfort in every workshop, making it apart of the conversation, and offering tangible tools for individual and community healing and general orientation with the topic. Once again, given the sensitive nature of these topics, the Yoni Project employs several art and mediation techniques which offer girls a more comfortable and personal medium to connecting their yonis, their healing, and their strength.
The Yoni Project does not take for granted the fact that for many of our young girls, the yoni has been a site of violence, be it physical, or verbal. While 1 out of 5 women in the U.S. will be a victim of sexual violence, all girls in US society are inundated with negative messages about the yoni through the media and our communities. This number even higher for Black women, where 1 in 4 will experience such violence.  Such violence and negativity encourages girls to disconnect with their yonis, and not understand any relevant importance in connecting.
While the Yoni Project targets adolescent girls, I also have done workshops that were intergenerational, as well as all woman workshops.  Each workshop adapts to the emotional and cultural needs of the women and YP is currently in the process of developing workshops for young boys/men, and the transcommunity.For more information about booking The Yoni Project for your school, organization, or group of family members, contact Mari Morales-Williams at 718-790-9770 or